Hearing Aids

Why Choose Hear Clear Hearing Aids?

Designed by Doctors

All of the hearing aids that you can see for sale on this page have been designed by our team of industry-leading scientists, audiologists, and tech specialists. Thanks to their joint effort in research and development, they have been able to perfect our products and produce life-changing hearing aids that are not only small, discreet, and comfortable but also very powerful.

Small But Powerful

All Hear Clear hearing aids are small yet extremely powerful. By using one of our hearing aids, you’ll not only preserve your overall comfort and aesthetic, but your hearing will massively improve too.

Sleek, Discreet & Comfortable

Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes. And regardless of the type you choose, you can rest assured that it will look sleek, discreet, and be extremely comfortable to wear. Very often, you’ll forget that you’re even wearing them.

Range of Hearing Aid Options at Hear Clear

There are a variety of different types of hearing aids that you can pick from, and below, we'll go over each one in more detail.

In-Ear Hearing Aids

In-ear hearing aids are less obvious than their traditional, over-the-ear counterparts. The main selling point of in-ear hearing aids is that they don’t have an external casing, making them far more discreet without there being a major downside in regards to performance. As a result, they can be of massive benefit to people who don’t want their physical appearance to be altered when wearing their hearing aids.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Most hearing aids come with a battery, which you’ll need to replace on a regular basis. At Hear Clear, you can either go for battery-powered hearing aids or hearing aids that are powered by an integrated, fully rechargeable battery. If you choose the latter, you'll have far more control over your hearing aids’ battery life.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

Behind the ear hearing aids are the most common type of device that comes to mind when you hear hearing aids. This type of device wraps on the outside of your ear, and although it's not as descreet, it’s super comfortable and will do wonders for your hearing.

Invisible Hearing Aids

For certain people, wearing over-the-ear hearing aids can be embarrassing. If this happens to be you, our Hear Clear invisible hearing aids are just for you. They will not only restore your hearing without causing you any discomfort, but they’re also super discreet.

How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid

Finding the right hearing aid for your specific hearing problems is key to restoring your hearing. Doing so, however, is easier said than done. So, in the section below, we’ll outline some key points that will help you choose the right hearing aid for you.

Consult With an Audiologist

Before you buy hearing aids online, we recommend that you consult with an audiologist and undergo a paid or free hearing test. That way, you won’t run the risk of wasting money on hearing aids that are not suitable for you.

Take Into Consideration Your Lifestyle and Needs

When choosing a hearing aid, it’s important to consider the level of hearing loss you're experiencing and what your typical day-to-day life looks like. Some questions that you can ask yourself include:

  • Do I have severe hearing loss issues that I need to address?
  • Do I struggle with hearing in noisy environments or during phone conversations?

Having an answer to those (and other similar questions) will bring you one step closer to choosing the right hearing aids for you.

Choose Your Hearing Aid Style

Unlike decades ago, you now have the choice to pick from a variety of modern hearing aids. Some of the most common types include:

  • In-ear hearing aids
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids
  • Rechargeable hearing aids
  • Invisible hearing aids

Decide on a Budget

The hearing aid cost in the UK varies. In the case of Hear Clear hearing aids, we have products for less than £100 and products that cost a few hundred pounds.

What you need to remember is that the hearing aid prices in the UK will vary from place to place, as well as on the type of hearing aid you’re looking at. So, decide on a budget that works for you, and start looking around for a solution that'll help you hear like before.

FAQs About Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is a relatively simple electronic device that amplifies all nearby sounds, allowing the wearer to hear everything more clearly. Here, it’s important to note that hearing aids don’t improve your hearing. Instead, they make sounds louder and clearer. That way, whether someone is whispering to you or there is a car driving past, you’ll hear the sounds just like a person with a normal hearing would.
To keep it simple, we’re going to briefly describe the different components that make up a hearing aid and how they help the wearer hear better. Each hearing aid is integrated with a microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver (a speaker). The microphone captures all the nearby sounds and transmits them to the amplifier, which amplifies the sound before sending it over to the receiver. The receiver will then sound the noise from the amplifier directly into your ear canal. Essentially, it takes the sound around you and makes it louder for you so you can hear it better.
The best hearing aids are the ones that work for you. To determine the best hearing aids for you, book a consultation with a hearing aid audiologist, who will determine the best solution for you based on your current hearing.
If you suspect that your hearing is compromised, having a hearing aid is a quick, easy, and convenient way to restore your hearing back to normal. In fact, data shows that only 20% of people who can massively benefit from a hearing aid actually use one.
In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged product, please send an email to contact@blueandred.co.uk within 5 days of receiving your order. Within the email, please provide the full name used for the order and a clear photo or a video showing the issue that you are experiencing. Please note that replacements or refunds are only issued if the item has been unused, is in the same condition as it was received, and is in its original packaging. If your replacement has been approved, you'll receive your replacement within 15 days. If you have requested a refund, the full amount of your order will be credited to the card used for the purchase within 3-5 working days. We reserve the right to deny any unreasonable refund, replacement, or exchange requests.